The BAF University Summit is a dedicated space at Consensus where students, professors, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts connect at the conference. Through workshops, networking opportunities, and collaborations, we bridge the gap between academia and the blockchain industry. As Coindesk University partner for the third consecutive year, this is how we are elevating the student experience in 2024:

BAF is a lifelong network of blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise

Let’s enrich your Consensus 2024 experience based on where you are in y(our) journey

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Through BAF initiatives, I was able to attend conferences around the world and landed jobs at top protocols. BAF is great group of people!


Blockchain at Northwestern, Founder of WalletLabels
Attending Consensus 2022 was a pivotal moment in my life, one that would not have been possible without BAF Student Housing. It was there that I embarked on my Web3 journey, learning from leading figures in the blockchain space.


PhD Dropout at Stanford, Founder of DePHY
BAF's Student Housing enabled me to attend Consensus in 2022, marking the beginning of my journey into web3. The following year, at the BAF Resech Symposium, I had the chance to interview leading researchers. These opportunities not only empowered me b also allowed me to connect with some of the smartest people I know.Β 


Blockchain at Carnegie Mellon, and Prev Investor at Geometry
BAF's support was crucial in developing my blockchain development course at UT Austin, connecting us with industry experts, and securing student housing for 100+ students at Consensus. This partnership has enriched our curriculum and helped us bridge the gap between academia and the blockchain industry.

Sriram Vishwanath

BAF Advisor, Professor at UT Austin, President of ChainHub Foundation
BAF is a custom web3 experience. I got resources to grow my club at Cal Poly and I was able to interview top-tier speakers in the space at the BAF University Summit at Consensus.


Ex-President at Cal Poly Blockchain, Founder of SeamMoney

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