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  • Philip Straus

BAF Secures Keynote Speaker and Sponsor for UCSB’s Innovation Summit

Thanks to a kind donation and keynote speech from leading blockchain technology company ConsenSys, the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation was able to help the University of California, Santa Barbara host its first ever Innovation Summit.

The Summit brought students and industry professionals together to identify problems that matter and create visions for a viable solution. From health to global development to conservation, the event allowed students passionate about a wide array of pressing issues to develop meaningful solutions.

Among the Summit's most noteworthy events was a keynote speech from Robert Greenfield, a Social Impact Strategist and Blockchain Architect with ConsenSys. His talk focused on new technologies in emerging economies, where blockchain can help countries that lack strong infrastructure to adopt advanced methods and leapfrog developed countries.

“Robert’s talk really struck home with me because I am deeply interested in how blockchain can be used to improve the lives of people living in less developed countries,” said Ruben Dermoyan, co-founder and president of the student organization Blockchain at UCSB. “I think many other students also felt the same way about Robert’s speech.”

In addition to recruiting Robert to speak, the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) also secured an $1,100 donation from Consensys to help cover the Summit’s operations, marketing, and organizational costs. The event, which was free to students, was highly informative and served as an effective platform for the hundreds of people who attended to collaborate on ways to address the world’s biggest problems.

“I am so grateful for both ConsenSys and Robert’s invaluable contributions to the Innovation Summit,” said BAF president and co-founder Cameron Dennis. “Whether they already knew about blockchain or not, I am certain the students that attended the Summit left invigorated about blockchain technology and motivated to share these lessons with their own student groups."