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  • Philip Straus

Donors Subsidize Student Tickets to Cryptology Conference

Donations from Opus Logica and UCSB Extension enabled several students from the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation’s member organizations to attend the 38th International Cryptology Conference last week.

Crypto 2018, held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, featured speeches, workshops, and debates from leading blockchain experts and advocates. In total 30 students from Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) member organizations at UCSD, UCI, UNAM, and UCLA attended the event, paying only $20 rather than the typical $100 charged for entry.

“Events like Crypto 2018 are instrumental in helping students interact with some of the most inspiring voices in the industry today,” said BAF founder and president Cameron Dennis. “All of our students are extremely grateful for the subsidized tickets Opus Logica and UCSB Extension provided us.”

UCSB Extension provides essential skills and expertise through professional courses and certificate programs that prepare students for the competitive job market after graduation. BAF and UCSB Extension are currently exploring ways to introduce new curriculum to professionals looking to learn how blockchain will impact their careers.

Opus Logica, meanwhile, is a Venture Technology company that invests technology, marketing, and strategy into young and existing companies.

“Any new technology needs to have its abilities and scope explored, and that can’t really happen by people who are maintaining the status quo,” said Brian Fox, CEO at Opus Logica. “That has to happen from people who are looking for innovation and have novel ideas on what the world can be in the future. For me that means young people who are looking to be educated, young people who are looking to create something brand new.”

Fox, who is also the author of the GNU Bash Shell and co-founder of Orchid Labs, has previously given presentations about open source technology and public blockchain innovation at UCSB and other universities across the region.

“Blockchain is one of those new fundamental technologies like the internet was where we don’t know what all the possibilities for the future are,” Fox said.