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  • Philip Straus

BAF Attends Blockchain Legal Forum at the University of San Diego

The Blockchain Acceleration Foundation attended last week’s San Diego Blockchain Legal Forum, spending an informative evening learning from leaders and professionals interested in the impact of blockchain technology on legal frameworks and policy.

Thanks to IEEE San Diego Blockchain chair and BAF curriculum lead Ken Miyachi, we were able to host a booth during the networking session, which was attended by roughly 100 people from law and tech backgrounds.

“We are incredibly grateful to Ken for securing us a booth at the legal forum,” said BAF President Cameron Dennis. “During the networking session we met several professionals who expressed deep interest in our programs designed to accelerate blockchain adoption and education on university campuses. Also a big thank you goes out to Jim Short from the San Diego Super Computer Center, who moderated an insightful panel session.”

Following the networking session, attendees heard from a panel of recognized thought leaders discussing the challenges that existing legal frameworks face with introduction of blockchain, and the types of issues they foresee on the horizon.

The event concluded with a keynote speech from Jim Gatto, a partner at Sheppard Mullin and leader of their blockchain technology and digital currency team. Gatto’s talk provided a macro perspective on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, sorting fact from fiction and explaining why they have the potential to be truly transformative.

Miyachi, who recently launched a blockchain-based transactional and financial compliance platform called LedgerSafe, echoed Gatto’s sentiment about the industry's need to distinguish misinformation from fact.

In an excellent article recently published by the IEEE Spectrum, he explained that “there’s a lot of fragmented information about blockchain on the Internet. The idea [behind the IEEE San Diego Blockchain Group] is to have industry leaders provide credible information about the technology’s current state and get their perspective. A centralized source of valid information, like IEEE, is currently lacking.”